Reiki Courses

Anyone can learn Reiki! I believe in high quality training and currently teach Reiki First Degree (Shoden), Reiki Second Degree (Okuden) and Reiki Master/Teacher (Shinpiden).

Reiki is very simple to learn. By choosing to learn Reiki, in just a one day (or half day) course, you can be connected to the energy treat yourself and other people. Once connected, Reiki is always with you and does not disappear. By working with the energy and treating yourself regularly, you will experience huge benefits. For me, it has banished depression and resolved some old, niggling physical injuries. I am much, much happier and enjoying life!

In order to maximise the time spent practising Reiki on course day, I send out study packs beforehand to enable you to study the theory at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. This makes for a relaxing, enjoyable time working with Reiki energy on your course, rather than having to write notes and remember new information. The course materials are comprehensive, comprising course manuals, audio CD's and DVD's. This approach works well and suits most people's styles of learning. After the course, I am always here to support you too.

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