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Clients write about their Reiki experiences.....

The most powerful complementary therapy I have ever tried! J.S. Bury St Edmunds

I realise now, after several Reiki sessions, just how much better I feel...I am happier and have more energy, plus the IBS is so much better. It must be the Reiki as I'm not doing anything else differently. Client, Barrow

So relaxing. I feel so much better than when I came in. Unbelievable. L. B., Suffolk

Thank you so much for providing Reiki treatment yesterday. It was an awesome experience, yet a very familiar feeling.I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand and have to sleep with an arm brace each night and even while wearing the brace, I usually still have numbness in my hand. Last night I slept like a baby and had absolutely no numbness in my hand. SUPER EXCITING! Thank you so much!      S. R., Lakenheath

After the treatment, I felt invigorated. Just what I needed!      J. B., Norfolk

Very, very relaxing. I feel rejuvenated!      K.L., Bury St Edmunds

Message: hi julia, just to let you know all pain in the legs gone!!!

many many thanks. j x

I was amazed! I felt the tension leave my body and my brain stopped buzzing. What a lovely way to de-stress. I thoroughly recommend a Reiki treatment with Julia.       A.S., Suffolk

My hospital consultant is flabbergasted that Reiki can relieve my pain and increase the movement in my ankle when nerve blocks can't. I'm sticking with the Reiki. It's pure, natural..... and I always feel 'cleansed" afterwards, happier and somehow... lighter.  Thanks Julia, thanks Reiki.       S.P., Norfolk

I have been suffering with low back pain and painful arthritic knees for years. I was always having to resort to strong painkillers. The Reiki treatments are lovely in themselves - very relaxing. I feel a lovely heat wherever Julia's hands are and it often remains there even after she moves away! I sometimes see colours when my eyes are shut, beautiful blues and lilacs. Best of all, my back and knee pain are so much improved, painkillers are a rare need, no longer daily.       H.B., Suffolk

I find the treatments to be both relaxing and revitalising. I also believe Reiki has helped my various aches and pains. I always look forward to my next Reiki treatment in such a relaxing environment in Julia's home. I have even been known to drift off to sleep! I would recommend Reiki treatments to anyone who is feeling tired, under the weather or just needing a bit of "me" time.      Sara, Bury St Edmunds

I decided to try Reiki because I was becoming depressed (a relapse) and I didn't want to take more antidepressants. Within a very short time period, having regular Reiki sessions, I began to feel better, so much so that friends and family would comment on how well I looked! Reiki is very, very relaxing and definitely lifts your spirits. I am glad I found Reiki as it works well for me.      M.E. Suffolk



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