The Reiki rice experiment

 The in the pudding!

I saw this experiment on youtube and couldn't resist having a go myself. The results blew me away!

I prepared two bowls of cooked rice, identical in every way, and covered with tight fitting lids. Both bowls sat on the mantlepiece in the dining room, away from windows, heat sources etc.

The bowl on the left received Reiki every day for a week and then whenever I thought about it. Sometimes, I literally just thought about it and sent the Reiki, while other times I put my hands near the bowl. I have to admit that after the first week, I didn't even Reiki it every day.The poor bowl on the right was completely ignored. 

This photo was taken about FIVE weeks into the experiment. The smell from the 'bad' bowl was, as you can imagine, horrendous. The 'good' bowl had no smell at all. 

Maybe you will now see Reiki with new eyes? If Reiki can protect rice, what can it do for you?!


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