What is Reiki like?

Amazing, wonderful!

You'll lie on my comfortable treatment couch, or sit in a comfy chair, if you prefer. No need to remove any clothing, just your shoes. Lightly scented candles and soothing background music will encourage you to close your eyes and take yourself off to somewhere wonderful...

I will gently place my hands near (hover, rather than touch) your head, shoulders, torso and legs. Your body will draw the energy to wherever it is needed. You may see colours, feel warmth, like the sun or a heated blanket, feel pleasant tingling or you may experience very little, except deep relaxation. Some clients even drift off to sleep. No matter what, Reiki will give you what you need.

      tel: 01284 752405 or 07868 267324           email: julia@burystedmundsreiki.co.uk